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Phone Inquiry & Meet and Greet

We are prohibited from taking this first step; you must call us for that initial inquiry, according to the rules that govern us. However, call us anytime with any question. We will never place any pressure on you or use “sales” tactics. We understand the enormous stress any family member experiences in making such a critical decision about choosing a provider agency to care for your loved one. Our goal in the initial conversation is to provide information and answer your questions. We want to be an informational resource for you. We may have some questions, too. Ultimately, we know that you have many options and we know that you are looking for an agency that is the right fit for you and your loved one. Our number one promise is to be completely honest and straightforward in providing information and answering your questions.

The best advice we can give you at this stage is to not be afraid to call…we will guide you gently through the process, and will never make you feel intimidated or pressured. We only want you to become as knowledgeable as possible, and we will help you get there. You may be surprised to find out that the process isn’t as daunting as it seems. You may also be surprised to find out that there are immediate options for you - even group home options - regardless of where your loved one is on the HCS interest list. And furthermore, choosing an alternative option can be temporary and not force your loved one to lose his/her place on the interest list; an individual can receive services from one program while he/she waits for another. And we have immediate options for you.

The initial telephone conversation will help you determine and/or learn:

  • What we have available to meet the unique needs of your loved one.
  • What our immediate plans are to increase our capacity if we don’t have exactly what you need now.
  • Any questions you didn’t realize you needed to ask because you’re new to the system.
  • What to do if you are just getting started and truly don’t know where to turn, etc.

In addition, we can learn the following about you and your loved one:

  • Your biggest concerns, especially if you are considering a transfer from another program in order to improve a situation.
  • Where to direct you if you don’t have a slot and are starting at the beginning.
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