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Residential Site Tour

Tours of our homes are intended for you and your loved one to physically see our homes (and the neighborhoods), but more importantly, to meet and interact with other residents, potential housemates and the staff. Our goal is for you and your loved one to have a sense of what it feels like, especially with regard to the other people with whom your loved one will be living if you choose us. For that reason, we strongly prefer for you to visit in the evening when everyone is there, and not during the day when the house is empty because the residents are at their day programs or jobs. However, home tours can occur on the same day as the first meeting...we can meet at our office first, and then head out to visit some homes.

Our intention is to step back and let you ask the questions . Feel free to speak in private with a staff or resident, and ask any question you wish. We encourage families to ask staff to open a refrigerator, ask to see a bedroom, look in the garage, check out the menu book, ask a resident what recent activities he or she participated in, look in bathrooms, open a kitchen cabinet, or show you the pantry. We are completely transparent and want you to walk away with a very real sense of what living will be like. We will not interfere or try to sell it to you. If you like what you see, it will be based on your own impressions without our influence.

Tours of our homes can occur in one or two steps, you may choose to visit first without your loved one to see if you have a good impression and then bring them back for a second tour to see if he or she likes it.

Once we are done with the meeting and tour(s), we will continue to be available to you to answer your questions at any time. We suspect you will think of things you forgot to ask as soon as you leave, but not to worry. We understand that making a choice is a process that takes time and we will be available to answer your questions and serve as a resource (even if you are not leaning toward choosing us), for as long as you wish.

Your Decision

Once the guardian and resident are comfortable with us as their choice , the guardian contacts the Local Authority Service Coordinator handling their case to let them know they’d like to use our company.

The Service Coordinator will contact us to get all the paperwork started. While the paperwork is processed, we immediately get to work to get everything ready at the home for the new resident. From furniture to needed supplies, adaptive aids, required ramps, or handrails, down to even the smaller details like decorations and room colors, we aim to make move-in day comfortable and exciting for the resident. We help coordinate with the local authority and the guardian to ensure all the paperwork is completed for move-in day.

If the parent, guardian, or resident feel that our program isn’t a match for them, we certainly will be glad to help them to continue the search for an HCS provider. We can help by recommending other HCS providers we feel may be more in line with their loved one’s needs and goals.

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