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Like the people we serve, our personal care staff are from a variety of places and cultural backgrounds. Yet, our team of caregivers have a common thread of love, compassion, patience, and respect for the people we serve. We strive to hire and retain those caregivers who excel in areas that are hard to quantify, but still easy to see...a special approach in their interactions that promotes self-esteem and positive feelings, while still maintaining ultimate order in an environment that could otherwise be chaotic.

It comes down to understanding each person as a unique individual with different interests and personalities, while and understanding their own role as support staff who must keep the activity on a scheduled routine without seeming like correctional officers.

Of course, each of our prospective employees receive thorough background checks (including criminal, abuse/neglect registry, driving history, and special fraud registries), and we also obtain past employment references before any prospective employee is even considered. But only through careful interviewing, touring of facilities, and sometimes even meeting with facility members are we able to determine the core of the person we want to select to work with your loved one.

That “core” is not necessarily present in everyone and is not always easy to spot. But we know it when we see it, and those are the people we strive to hire…people who have a passion for caregiving , and for whom this work is more than a means to a paycheck.

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