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The safety and well-being of your loved one is always paramount. Our professional and supervisory staff provide ongoing training and monitoring. Necessary to ensure your loved one’s health, happiness, and well-being in all environments.

Our medical, professional, and personal care staff are diligent and organized , and in proper supply at all times. In the event of any emergency, ranging from an individual medical crisis to a citywide weather-related evacuation, we have a written plan ready to be put into action at any time, and all of our staff are trained and prepared. We are fully staffed at all times, and frequently provide additional staff in special situations where it might be optimal for people with more advanced needs.

Our supervisors complete home and vehicle inspections daily, and at a varied times, using a combination of specific safety checklists and good common sense. Simple issues are corrected on the spot, and more complex problems are addressed expeditiously with guidance from professional teams.

Our registered nurses and medical support staff are on call and immediately available 24/7 to meet any need, ranging from simple questions about medications to serious medical emergencies. Our maintenance specialists, in conjunction with licensed repair specialists, are equally available to diagnose and correct any maintenance problem. Our care supervisors are available to address staff coverage concerns.

Our Program Directors, drawing on years of experience , are available to provide overall guidance to address any problem. And ultimately, our executive leadership team are available 24/7 to provide feedback and direction whenever there is any question that needs additional input, or even to be more directly involved if a situation calls for that.

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