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Our Programs (HCS/ICF)

We are honored to provide families and individuals with two trusted assisted living programs in Texas, Home and Community-based Services (HCS) and Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (ICF/IID).

Regardless of which program your loved one is eligible for, our company’s professionals and caregiver staff strive to guide you and your loved one through every step toward finding a home that fits everyone’s needs, and to make every effort possible to ensure smooth and worry-free transitions. All of our programs share a core system designed to help people with IDD grow and excel in life through encouragement, empowerment, respect, and genuine care and understanding.

Your loved one should be eligible right now for at least one of our two programs.

HCS (“Home and Community-Based Services” waiver program)

This program offers 3 and 4 person group residences, as well as quality day programs (including transportation and employment services), medical services (including nursing, dental , and physician services), professional therapies, adaptive aids/minor home modifications, and additional services available under the HCS program.

The HCS program has a state maintained waiting list (called the “interest list”), and is generally the very best option for a person with an intellectual disability in Texas.

ICF/IID (“Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities”)

This program offers 6 person group residences, as well as quality day services (including transportation and employment services), medical services (including nursing, dental, and physician services), and professional therapies.

People receiving these ICF services are typically eligible for adaptive equipment directly through the chosen Medicaid Managed Care Plan. Most importantly, ICF services are immediately available for people with active Medicaid eligibility and an official determination of an intellectual disability or a related condition (such as Autistic Spectrum or closed head injury) with no wait.

Furthermore, your loved one will not lose place on the HCS waiting list if ICF services are chosen in the meantime. So, your loved one can get into a group residence now in the ICF program, and move into an HCS program later without any fear of losing place “In line.” In fact, many people presently receiving HCS services came directly from ICF programs.

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