Team-Based Planning

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We do everything as a professional team , and our regional teams are typically made up of the following key players:

  • Program Manager (the regional leader in the city in which you are interested). The Program Manager oversees the overall program’s total operations for the area served. He or she ensures each resident is thriving in the current program and is being best served by each person’s Individual Plan of Care (IPC) that drives the services the resident receives. The Program Manager approves all new hires, coordinates all visits with potential families, and serves as the supervisor for all employees that work in that region.
  • Case Manager (the service plan developer and service delivery coordinator) The Case Manager manages the day-to day program functions such as forms, evaluations, assessments, and record keeping, and coordinates transportation, activities, and appointments. The Case Manager also coordinates with the resident’s assigned Local Authority Service Coordinator for all required forms and reports, ensuring that all program rules are followed. Most importantly, the Case manager makes sure that your loved one is getting every required service without delay, and is monitoring those services to ensure that expected service outcomes are achieved, or services are modified when “it’s not working.” And for that reason, Case Managers are usually the first person to contact when you have a question or concern about your loved one’s services.
  • Registered Nurses: Our nurses oversee all medical services, including but not limited to medications, medical appointments, specific treatments, all caregiver training regarding all medical issues, specialized medical documentation, and many other medically related processes. Our nurses conduct annual comprehensive evaluations, but are also available to assess your loved one for any unplanned medical issue that may arise at any time, and will oversee all emergency care in the worst case scenario. Ultimately, our nurses serve as the primary “medical advocate” from our agency for your loved one. They review every medical document and ask lots of questions, even of physicians, to make sure your loved one is receiving the best possible medical care and that all outside practitioners are coordinated and doing all that they should. They also visit homes, day programs, Host sites, and natural homes (i.e., anywhere a person we serve might be at any time) to ensure the availability of medications, equipment, and medically knowledgeable staff. And, of course, our nurses will coordinate with family members every step of the way to ensure that you are informed and involved, to whatever extent you wish.
  • Caregiver Supervisors provide first line supervision of all of our caregiving staff in a region. Caregiver Supervisors make daily visits to homes at varying times to ensure that homes are clean and free of maintenance issues, well-stocked and properly staffed, and that caregiver staff are knowledgeable of every individual’s immediate needs. Caregiver Supervisors oversee day to day transportation, recreational activities, and outings. Caregiver Supervisors closely monitor the interactions between caregiver staff and individual we service to ensure dignity and respect, privacy (when appropriate), choice, and overall warmth, friendliness, and fun. Caregiver Supervisors are also very involved in recruiting, hiring, and training new caregiver staff as we grow, or when current staff leave us. Caregiver Supervisors are always available to jump in and help out in any difficult situation, or to be an extra staff when necessary (e.g., on a big group outing).
  • Caregivers, our front line caregivers who do the lion’s share of work in our organization, and to whom we ultimately entrust the care of your loved one. Both our residential staff and our day program staff, alike, are caregivers who are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of your loved one at all times. After significant training and shadowing existing staff, our Caregivers will be ready to support your loved one in any setting. Our overriding philosophy of interaction is for our caregiver staff to be supportive and watchful, but never bossy or overbearing. It is not unusual for our residents to feel like their Caregivers are family and vice-versa. Our Caregivers wear many hats…friend, advocate, cheerleader, “how to” guide, emotional supporter, teacher, task monitor, and many others all to help each resident reach the maximum potential.
  • Administrative staff – Key assistants who manage visitors, incoming and outgoing correspondence, lots of office clerical work, and even some medical clerical work. Our administrative staff are frequently the first friendly voice you will hear when giving us a call, and are always available to assist you in any way possible, or to connect you to the appropriate team member to address your question or concern.
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