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All our caretakers provide assistance and support to our residents with their everyday independent living tasks. These include things like personal hygiene and care as well as maintaining healthy eating choices and consistent exercise.

Our group residents not only live together, they also cook together, participate in activities as a group, and learn to adapt and coexist in a diverse environment. Here everyone is accepted for the truly unique individual they are. We provide a variety of residential services in a variety of residential settings, otherwise known as residential “type.” The options can seem dizzying, but we’ll simplify it for you below.

ICF – we offer 6 person group homes in our San Antonio and McAllen locations. There is immediate availability for these homes in both regions.

HCS – We offer mostly 3 person group homes, and some 4 person group homes in all of six of our locations. There is immediate availability for this option in all six of our locations, and if we are full in any of our locations, we will open a new HCS home for your loved one without having to wait for additional people to choose the new home. In addition to the group home model, we offer Host (formerly known as “Foster”). There are also different staffing patterns, which can make the whole set of options confusing. Below is a quick reference to help:

  • Residential Support Service (RSS) - 3 or 4 person group home staffed around the clock with shift staff who are awake at all times.
  • Supervised Living (SL) – 3 person group home usually staffed with a Live-In house parent, but may also be staffed with shift staff who are awake at all times.
  • Host (formerly known as (“Foster”) – we subcontract to you or another family member to be totally responsible for all needs of your loved one, and for which you are compensated a monthly fee that varies based on the level of need score.

For each of these options, we will provide the maximum training and supervision to ensure the best care for your loved one. Also, you can switch to any of these options at any time. In the HCS program, you are never trapped in any situation.

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