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Day Habilitation

Providing activities and training to maintain or enhance functionality skills are essential when preparing those with intellectual or developmental disabilities for employment. Not only that, it also helps to engage social involvement with others in their community.

While in our day habilitation programs, each of our residents’ individual needs and interests come into play. It’s not just maintaining academic and job skills, but also consistent exercise and leisure time with friends. Each of these things helps your loved one’s growth and independence.


We take on-the-road safety very seriously. We don’t permit our caretakers to transport our residents to and from community activities or medical appointments in their personally owned vehicles. We do arrange transportation in which our drivers must adhere to strict safety and support guidelines while operating a company owned vehicle. Our drivers are subject to additional two days’ worth of safety and support training before they even enter a company transport vehicle and they are required to pass frequent driving record checks.

Each transport vehicle is meticulously maintained and is equipped with a toll-free “How am I driving?” sticker in clear view of other drivers. Each transport vehicle is also inspected for safety concerns on a routine basis. Drivers receiving negative reports are required to complete additional training and are subject to additional supervision or administrative actions. While negative reports are investigated thoroughly and appropriate actions are taken, many of our drivers get “Good Job” reports regularly.

These transport guidelines are strictly enforced. Not only are these guidelines a part our policy, we also download an application on the driver's mobile device which helps us reinforce safe driving behaviors. Progressive policies and digital tools like these help prevent potential accidents and incidents from happening.

Employment Assistance

We’ve helped many individuals in our community live meaningful, independent lives by helping them find work. We use great recruiting and job placement organizations that help us provide them with the opportunity to earn a great, reliable income while progressing their socialization and professional skills in a safe, welcoming place.

Whether they work from home or on-site where other individuals without disabilities are employed, we support our community residents every step of the way. This can include adaptations, supervisions, and training that would complement the individual’s specific needs.

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