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Every person is different, and we are mindful of those differences in everything we do. In addition to unique hobbies and related interests, we serve individuals diverse in medical, dietary, and personal care needs. Only by being fully aware of every unique need can our team of personal care and professional staff properly support an individual. This awareness starts with getting to know family members and friends and developing active and ongoing communication to fully understand what’s uniquely important to everyone . Only once that communication is established, can we begin to develop effective plans of care for your loved one. Our expertise alone is not sufficient; we have to collaborate and never presume to know what we truly don’t.

We also celebrate differences and honor traditions. From religious activities and holidays, to cultural events and basic individual self-expression, each person’s goals and passions are nurtured without judgement. And if a personal goal is not realistic, we help an individual to develop a similar goal that is. We employ bilingual and multilingual staff to support our residents and guardians from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds. Food and entertainment preferences are honored, and somehow everyone seems to enjoy each other’s traditions without losing their own sense of identity.

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