How does your company ensure that my loved-one’s home environment is clean and free of maintenance problems?

We provide initial and ongoing training regarding the cleanliness and maintenance of our homes. In addition, we clearly spell out all of the related expectations in fine detail in staff’s job descriptions, which serve as an employment agreement between our agency and our home staff. But most importantly, our management team does rounds on homes constantly and at varied times to ensure that homes are clean, well-organized, stocked properly with food and supplies, and free of maintained issues. We utilize several home inspection checklists, and take swift action if we are not satisfied with our findings. In addition, we employee maintenance specialists in each of our regions to be available to address related needs, either by fixing problems immediately OR Coordinating an outside specialist (e.g., plumber, electrician, HVAC, etc.). In the worst case scenario, we will make hotel arrangements at our own expense if any of our homes is not livable due to a significant maintenance problem until the problem is fixed.

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