My loved one has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. How will your company ensure my loved one maintains an appropriate diet and gets regular exercise?

We provide a modified menu system for individuals with unique dietary needs, and train assigned caregiver staff in easily understood terms how to ensure adherence to such diets, including diets for high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol…typically in the form of a low fat, low sodium diet. We make special food item purchases for such individuals to ensure that they still enjoy what they are eating because we know that all people are more likely to me motivated to adhere to a special diet if that diet still includes enjoyable foods. We encourage such individuals to engage in exercise activities of their choosing, but also try to build in exercise in ways that are not always obvious, such as parking the vehicle a little further away from the entrance to an activity in the community and walking a few extra yards. Also, we have noticed that some of the individuals we serve love to participate in video game based exercise activities, which are especially helpful to promote exercise indoors during the hot Texas summer months.

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