Assisting with bathing, hygiene, grooming, meal preparation, and even toileting is always handled with the utmost privacy, dignity, and respect…regardless of functioning level. We serve individuals at all levels of functioning, and we understand fully that even higher functioning individuals may need some assistance in these areas, even of that assistance is in the form of verbal reminders. As an agency, we understand that we are ultimately responsible to ensure that these needs are fully met, regardless of functioning level…and that we cannot ignore the need for assistance with a higher functioning individual just because that individual may “seem” fully capable. However, we fully understand and appreciate the variation of feelings among higher functioning individuals related to receiving help, and the overall degree of acceptance of help for higher functioning individuals who may not fully embrace at least some minimal assistance from our staff. To ensure that such needs are adequately met, we provide individualized training to our staff to foster additional sensitivity, as needed.

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