What expenses am I responsible for? What expenses is my loved one responsible for? What expenses is the program responsible for?

The individual receiving services, with some financial assistance from our agency, is generally able to cover all expenses, with few exceptions, as long as those expenses are within the scope of what is reasonable. For example, regularly priced shampoo that is affordable and typically purchased at a grocery store is within the scope of what our agency will pay for if the individual cannot afford it. However, if the individual (or family) chooses a special hair product that can only be purchased at a fancy salon and is quite a bit more expensive, then the agency will not be responsible for the purchase. There is usually enough money available for most outings, but occasionally, a family member may choose to chip in for a special event if that event is quite expensive. But the basics of room and board, and all of the staff and professional services are never charged to the family unless the family has extraordinary requirements or choices. There are also some differences in how these expenses are covered for individuals receiving IFC services, vs. HCS services, but those differences are better explained via meeting or telephone conference. One of the more common expenses incurred by family members is for clothing, although we will assist individuals who don’t have family involvement or whose families cannot generally afford to asset in this area.

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