What happens if I move out of state?

HCS services are available to individuals residing in Texas. If you move out of state, but chose for your loved one to remain with us, we will make every effort possible to include you in every important decision, albeit remotely. ICF services are available in every state, and you should have no problem finding an ICF program anywhere you go. There are similar waiver programs in other states (i.e., similar to HCS), but the waiting period may vary from state to state. Of course, if you do choose to move out of state and bring your loved one with you, we will coordinate vigorously with any new provider agency to share information and documentation, at your request, without delay. If you and your loved one need to leave the state temporarily due to an emergency (e.g., hurricane evacuation), we will contact the appropriate regulatory personnel to assist you and your loved one to maintain services.

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