What is respite and under what circumstances am I eligible to receive respite services?

Respite is a billable HCS service that is intended to provide temporary for a primary caregiver in the CFC (formerly Supported Home Living) model. If your loved one is receiving CFC in your home and you are the primary caregiver, then you may utilize up to 30 hours per year of this service. Specifically, respite typically involves the use of a caregiver staff who is familiar with your loved one providing supervision and assistance toy your loved one in your home while you may be away for a relatively brief period of time (e.g., a few days). Respite is particularly helpful because it can be provided to your loved one even during sleep hours, as long as the respite staff is on site and available to your loved one while you are away. Also, respite doesn’t have to be for an extended period of time…it can be for a few hours or maybe half of a day. Just keep in mind that the maximum of 300 hours equates to approximately 12.5 days (per year).

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