What is your company’s complaint process?

Contact our local Program Manager, the company President or CEO, or use the anonymous satisfaction survey function on our company website at any time, day or night, weekday or weekend. No concern is too small to report. We take every concern seriously, and investigate quickly and with sensitivity and confidentiality to determine the root cause of any identified problem. The, we work quickly to correct the problem to the satisfaction of the concerned party, to the fullest extent possible. Sometimes that means making a purchase. Sometimes an employee needs to be re-trained. In the worst case, an employee may need to be terminated due to serious misconduct. Most importantly, we never take a defensive position in responding to complaints; rather, we are grateful for all of the information that others are willing to share with us in order to help us have all of the information necessary to provide the safest and most rewarding possible services we can to the individuals we serve. If we are unable or seemingly unwilling to solve a problem in the exact way desired, we encourage the use of the HHSC complaint hotline.

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