What is your Host (foster) program?

“Host” is a residential option in the HCS program in which an individual can live in a home other than a group home, and receive caregiver services from an agency-contracted adult. In this option, the adult caregiver can actually be the individual’s parent, sibling, or other family member or friend. This caregiver must pass a background check and have other related credentials. In this “Host” option, this caregiver is called the Host provider, and is responsible for all of the daily assistance needs of the individual; the agency does not provide any additional staff to the home. Also, in this model, the agency does not provide transportation and the Host provider is responsible for assuring that all of the individual’s needs are met, including medications, medical appointments, cooking, housework, shopping, daily documentation, and many other responsibilities. However, the Host provider is well compensated by the agency, per the individual’s Level of Need (determined in advance by assessment), and that money is non-, per taxable income per IRS rules for foster care compensation.

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