What provisions will your company make for my loved one and the caregiver staff in the event of an emergency or natural disaster?

We are committed to ensuring that everyone involved in the care of your loved one is safe and secure in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. Some such issues are less significant, but still important. For example, if the air conditioner stops functioning in a group home, we will make arrangements for the individuals and staff to be relocated to either another existing group home with available bedrooms, or we will make hotel arrangements. In a more significant situation, such as a hurricane, we will engage in all necessary efforts to safely evacuate individuals, staff, staff’s families, and individual’s families, as needed and/or wanted. We typically set up shop temporarily in another of our regions across the state, utilizing hotel rooms at night and our day programs during the day. If such an event were to occur (and it did during Hurricane Ike), we will make the experience fun and memorable for everyone involved while we wait for the “all clear” to return home.

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