What special activities will your company facilitate for my loved one, in addition to more typical activities?

We aim to choose cost effective activities that are affordable to your loved ones. However, we know that sometimes a special event may come around only once and awhile and just can’t be missed. So every now and then (perhaps quarterly), we take all that wish to go to something special…including but not limited to public arts events (symphony, theater, musicals), sporting events (Spurs games in San Antonio, Astros in Houston, etc.), the local zoo, special holiday dances, local fireworks displays, annual rodeos, and many other special events. We all have financial constraints and we all can’t go to very special event that comes through town. However, most of us at least go to some such events and out individuals should, too. For those who can afford them, there is no problem. For those who can’t, we frequently chip in to make sure no who wants to attend one feels left out.

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