What type of transportation does your agency provide?

We maintain a fleet of minivans and some full sized vans to transport groups of individuals to and from day activities, employment sites, recreational activities, medical appointments, and therapies, as needed. As necessary, we have specialized vehicles with wheelchair lifts and related modifications to be able to safely transport individuals with specific physical needs. Our vehicles are properly insured, well maintained, and carefully inspected on a regular basis. All of our drivers receive specialized driving training, and are carefully screened for good driving history with thorough driving history checks. We maintain a current copy of a valid Texas driver’s license for all employees, including all drivers. We provide additional training in the areas of safe driving and avoiding distractions while driving. We participate in a “Safety First” program that utilizes bumper stickers on all company vehicles for other motorists and pedestrians to report any unsafe activity associated with any of our vehicles. Finally, we maintain a “zero tolerance” policy regarding employees who violate any of our policies and procedures regarding safe driving.

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