Nicholas F.

Nicholas F - Success Story

Nicholas joined our program in 2012 after some difficulty acclimating at another agency. For the first couple of years in our program, he spent the majority of his free time alone in his room, mostly playing video games. However, in recent years, Nicholas has put aside his shyness, and has become a true friend to his housemates and peers from other homes in our program. He now spends more time helping in the kitchen, interacting with his housemates, and attending more outings.

Nicholas won our prestigious “Person of the Year Award” in 2016 after he demonstrated significant empathy toward a housemate who was struggling during a medication change. Without any request from staff, Nicholas helped his peer calm down with a hug and a smile, and the compassionate words. “It’s going to be alright…I’m here for you and I’m your best friend. Nicholas has overcome his own insecurities in relating to members of the opposite sex; he now engages in healthy dating and is considered a true gentleman among his female peers. He also volunteers regularly at an assisted living facility, where he has the extraordinary opportunity to perform functions for residents that are not unlike the functions that his staff have performed for him, giving him an enormous sense of accomplishment, purpose, importance, and maturity.

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