Do you lease or own your residential homes? Do you have short term or long term leases?

We lease some homes and own others homes. There are advantages and disadvantages of both scenarios. Home ownership affords us the opportunity to make modifications, as necessary including wheelchair accessibility and fire safety modifications that are required for some individuals with more significant physical disabilities. However, some of the nicer and safer neighborhoods that are clearly more desirable to individuals and family members only have homes for sale that are cost prohibitive to the individuals we serve with their limited financial resources necessary to pay their own room and board. When desirable neighborhoods are cost prohibitive for home purchasing, renting a home in that neighborhood can be a perfect solution. In addition, we can usually secure long-term leases and develop long-term relationships with supportive landlords, who typically love to have us for tenants because we stay, we take good care of the property, and we pay our rent on time every month without delay.

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