What screenings do you require, when staff are hired (drug screen, criminal background check, abuse/neglect)?

We conduct a variety of required background checks, and some additional non-required checks that we think make good sense to protect the individuals we serve. First, we conduct a thorough criminal background check through the Department of Public Safety. We also conduct a background check on the Employee Misconduct Registry / Nurse Aid Registry, hosted by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, for confirmed perpetrators of Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation…which may include such offenses that were not criminally prosecuted, but nonetheless would bar such an applicant from employment at our agency. We also complete a Medicaid Fraud check and Debarred Vendor check to ensure that no applicant is listed in either of these databases, which helps us prevent from hiring a dishonest applicant who might be more likely to steal from an individual or our company. Also, we complete a motor vehicle safe driving history check, and will not employ any applicant with a pattern of negative driving events in order to protect the safety of the individuals we serve during transportation. Finally, we complete thorough reference checks to verify the claims made on applications and assure that the people we hire truly have the experience they claim to have. We conduct random and situational (based on reasonable suspicion) drug testing of employees once hired. And finally, we repeat most of these checks periodically to ensure that our employees remain employable according to our standards.

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