How are new staff selected?

First, we recruit though several means, including multiple online and print ad sources. All applicants are required to apply online through our company website. We utilize a specialized Human Resources software solution to manage the processing of all applicants to facilitate a more organized approach to understanding applicants’ related experience and/or assets that might be suitable to the job for which they are applying. This hiring software also stages the processing of applicants consistently and thoroughly ensures that no one who is ineligible for any reason whatsoever can ever make it through our screening process. More directly to the question, we are always recruiting for all positions, even when they might not be open at the time…and we are screening for people who are genuinely compassionate, friendly, and extroverted. We further prefer people with related experience (i.e., working directly with individuals with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder), and of course only those who pass through a series of background checks, including criminal history check, Employee Misconduct Registry check (database of confirmed perpetrators of abuse/neglect/exploitation not otherwise indicated as a criminal offense), driving history check, Medicaid Fraud check, and more. Once applicants are cleared through all such checks, we interview and investigate thoroughly the validity of claims made on applications. As we get closer to hiring, we make a considerable effort to expose applicants to the work that will be required of them, including but not limited to “shadowing” an experienced staff, to see first-hand how each applicant interacts with individuals we serve, as well as with potential co-workers and supervisors. If everything works out, we try to offer the applicant temporary work for a reasonable period before making an offer for a full time commitment. At that point, we provide considerable on-the-job training.

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