How will your company ensure that my loved one gets around safely?

Our agency performs driving history checks on all employees and screens out drivers with verified evidence of history of reckless driving. In addition, we ensure all of our company vehicles are in good working order, well maintained, current on all inspections and registrations, and are outfitted with tires with proper tread life. We train all of our staff on safe driving, and take serious corrective action with staff who violate rules related to avoiding distracted driving (e.g., using cell phones, etc.). For our professional staff who have company cell phones, we utilize a program that works with GPS to disable those phones while in motion, and those phones will remain disabled until the driver is safely still for at least two minutes (i.e., longer than at a stop light). We plan all driving routes in advance, and ensure staff know where they are going before they go. We have a strict policy regarding limiting employment of who are involved in “at fault” accidents. And in the worst case scenario, we have clear guidelines for how to respond to vehicle accidents, which involve immediate medical assessment and notification of family members.

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