How does your company screen visitors? Can staff have visitors?, and if so, how does your company screen those people?

We use the same screening tools for visitors as we do for employees, including criminal background check and Employee Misconduct Registry check (for possible listing of confirmation of perpetration of abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation not otherwise prosecuted as a crime). Shift staff may not have visitors at any time. However, Live-In staff may have pre-screened visitors (other than children) at low-activity times during which caregiving (as proposed to general availability/monitoring) is not being provided (i.e., after bedtime)…and on a limited basis. Most importantly, our Live-In staffs’ number one responsibility is to be available to meet the needs of the individuals we serve, and if we find at any time that a visitor’s presence is a distraction to the Live-In resulting in diminished supervision and/or availability to the individuals served at that house, we will eliminate that visitation immediately. Furthermore, if we are informed or are otherwise aware on any inappropriate conduct stemming from the presence of that visitor, either between the Love-In and the visitor of between an individual and the visitor, we will eliminate the visitation immediately.

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