Are meals planned and menus developed by a professional dietitian? How does your company ensure a healthy well-balanced diet for my loved one?

We use a menu system designed by a licensed dietician that includes only healthy, well balanced meals that are relatively simple to prepare. We allow individuals who don’t care for specific menu items to request appropriate substitutions (i.e., substitute a protein for a protein, a starch for a starch, and/or a green for a green). We provide significant oversight in the grocery shopping experience to ensure that the necessary items are purchased to facilitate the developed menus, and to ensure that shoppers minimize unhealthy snacks and desserts, etc. For those on special diets, we provide extensive training to staff to ensure that menu items are modified, as necessary to meet specialized dietary needs (e.g., no added salt, substituting salty food items for less salty alternatives, etc.). We work with individuals on specialized diets to find out what they do like to eat within the limitations for a specific dietary restriction to avoid overall dissatisfaction and promote choice, even in the face of restriction.

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