If I am interested in exploring services for my loved one through your company, but I am not entirely sure if your company is the best fit, how can I explore your services without actually making a firm commitment?

We suggest coming for a tour of a few of our group homes in the search area. We strongly suggest visiting them when individuals and staff are home, not during the day during the week when our individuals are out receiving day services. It’s important to see the facility in full operation…meet the other residents and the staff, and witness the interactions between them. If, after an initial visit, there is interest, then we encourage families to allow their loved ones to have trial visits…maybe a dinner at the home with the potential new peers, or even an overnight weekend visit to getter a fuller impression of how a loved one fells in the home. We are happy to facilitate as many visits as desired in order for individuals and family members to feel really good about their choice. Although sometimes family circumstances may dictate the speed at which a loved one may need to be placed, we will certainly never rush that process or make any decision make feel “pushed.” We do not engage in aggressive sales tactics. At most, we may call interested parties from time to time to see if there are any additional questions that can be answered by us.

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