If we choose the group home option, can I have input in selecting the housemates of my loved one?

At the time that you choose a group home with our agency, you are certainly encouraged to choose among our homes with vacancies that have individuals residing in them that seem like a great fit for your loved one. Once placed in a home, if the peer match-up doesn’t quite work out as expected, you are welcome to consider moving to your loved one to any of our other homes that have a vacancy (within single sex parameters, of course). However, we are not likely to move other individuals out of their existing homes to accommodate your wish for a new vacancy that didn’t otherwise exist at your new “requested” home unless the needs of others might coincidentally be well met by such a “reshuffle.” In other words, you are always free to choose from what’s available, and in some less frequent circumstances, a multi-individual move could possibly and coincidentally be in the best interests of all parties involved. However, we certainly cannot promise such a “reshuffle”, although they do occur from time to time. In that case, each family has to agree.

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