Family members are always encouraged to attend medical appointments. If unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts or for any other reason, family members are encouraged to let the nurse know what outcomes are expected at the appointment so that the nurse and/or our medical appointment transportation aid can inform the physician of the family member’s concerns. In addition, we are implementing an electronic communication system for all medical appointments for the individuals we serve that involves an advanced email to the family member informing of the time and date of every medical appointment, and with medical documentation attached that will be presented to the physician at the time of the appointment. This electronic system further enables the family member’s awareness of the appointment and serves as an invitation, with time, date, and even directions and maps. We take the desire for family participation in medical services very seriously and have invested in a new infrastructure, training, and even new personnel just to address this very issue…and we have so far had great success in improving family involvement in medical services for those who wish to have that involvement.

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