What is the availability of a nurse if my loved one becomes sick or injured?

One of our agency nurses will assess your loved one in person as soon as humanly possible. In the meantime, the nurse will communicate and coordinate with the on-site caregiver staff to get information about your loved ones current status (i.e., vital signs) and give clinical instructions over the phone. If the symptoms described to the nurse by the staff on-site sound even remotely dangerous or threatening in any way, the nurse will instruct the on-site staff to hang up and call 911 immediately. In less extreme situations, but still seemingly quite serious, if the nurse believes the individual should not wait until the nurse can arrive, the nurse may instruct the staff to take the individual to the nearest minor emergency clinic. In most situations, the nurse can arrive and make the necessary decisions on-site. There are other options available if the presenting symptoms indicate in any way that the situation cannot wait for the nurse’s travel.

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