What are your emergency back-up procedures when there is crisis or the home is short staffed?

There are several types of emergencies that could arise, and we are prepared for all of them. The most common situation is a staff shortage, in which case we have a long list of trained staff on call and available to step in to work. This issue should never be of concern to any family member. Less common, but still possible is a significant maintenance problem, such as the AC going out. If there is a significant maintenance problem that renders the home temporarily unlivable, we will put up the individuals and the staff in existing homes that have vacancies or in adjoining hotel rooms until the problem is solved. In the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster that requires an evacuation due to mandate or lack of electrical power, we will relocate all individuals in that geographic area, along with staff and even staff’s family members, if necessary, to another of our geographic regions (frequently San Antonio, where we have a large day program that can accommodate all of our individuals in any region for day services) to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable. We have well designed and tested (e.g., Hurricane Ike and the Houston area evacuation, Hurricane Harvey and the Beaumont region evacuation) systems for ensuring continuity of services and management relocated to a different region.

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