What provisions are made for individuals to attend a religious service of choice?

We inquire of families and individuals about religious preference, as well as level of activity and religious involvement for the individual and then we make it happen. Many of the individuals we serve choose to attend church together at a non-denomination service so that they can be together and enjoy the sense of community and comradery that participating together in religious activities can provide. However, we understand and greatly respect the many individual difference in religious background and level of related activity….and we will accommodate those differences to ensure that everyone can participate as he or she chooses. We understand, for example, that some individuals may choose not to participate at all, in which case we will accommodate those individuals to stay home. Conversely, we also understand that some individuals may wish to attend a service more often than just on Sundays…and we are happy to take such individuals during the week, as desired (e.g., for a Catholic mass). We also appreciate that not everyone is of a Christian faith or background, and we approach individuals of all faiths in a completely non-discriminatory manner, as well as individuals who choose not to participate in any religious activity. Nothing is forced.

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