What are your policies regarding visitors?

We encourage visitation, and we do not have set hours for visitation you are welcome in our homes anytime! We do request that visitors are not disruptive to other individuals, especially during sleep time hours. We also ask that families who have concerns regarding any observations during visits report those concerns to our management staff instead of the caregiver staff on duty, which will help us be more aware of those concerns and better able to address them rather than rely on the caregiver staff to relay important messages. We also ask that facility members refrain from giving cash to individuals or staff, but rather send any additional cash that you want your loved one to have to the proper management staff in order to facilitate our ability to safeguard those funds and prevent theft. Similarly, we ask that new possessions (e.g., clothing, gifts, etc.) are properly checked in to your loved one’s personal belongings inventory in order to facilitate our ability to safeguard those items and ultimately allow us to be accountable for those items. Most importantly, we want you to feel welcome and embraced in the home, as if it is an extension of your own home. Have a good time and spread joy in the group home environment!

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