What is the level of education, training, experience, and credentialing for staff?

Caregiver staff may come to us with a variety of training and/or experience. We strive to hire people with related experience working directly with individuals with intellectual disabilities. However, we are willing to take a chance on an applicant with less experience, if we sense that this applicant has a great attitude, warm personality, and is seemingly eager and trainable. We provide extensive on-the-job-training. For professional and management positions, we generally require more significant related experience and educational background. More professional positions in our regional offices require additional education, including but not limited to 4 year college degrees, nursing licenses, and other professional certifications related to the specific job. Required experience comes from working in other similar programs serving individuals with intellectual disabilities or others with similar needs (e.g., in nursing facilities, psychiatric programs, state supported living centers, or even private duty care). For positions that require specific credentials, such as a nurse or specialized therapist, of course we obtain and maintain documentary evidence of specific credentials (e.g., copy of a RN license).

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