What training subjects does your agency provide to new employees?

We maintain records of training for all employees on all subjects related to their specific jobs. Training occurs in a variety of formats, including interactive group seminars, video-based instruction, and specialized one-on-one between new staff and professional staff (particularly nurses). Topics include, but are not limited to:- Medication protocols- Preventing, detecting, and reporting abuse, neglect, and exploitation- individuals’ rights, confidentiality, and HIPAA rules and related policies and procedures- grooming, hygiene, and general bathing assistance- toileting assistance- meal planning, specialized diets, and related grocery shopping- fire safety and evacuation procedures- maintaining a clean, orderly, and well-structured group homes- individual and group schedules- transportation routes and driving safety- specialized medical procedures, as needed for assigned individuals…such as diabetic care, CPAP machine, etc.- Infection control and universal precautions to prevent the spread of disease- guidelines for quality interactions between staff and individuals handling of aggressive behavior- dealing proactively with problem behavior, including safe- emergency procedures, CPR, and when to call 911 immediately- recreational and community integration activities- contact list; who to call when and for what issue- Individuals’ training goals and related tasks to promote learning and overall independence- Assigned individuals’ “need to know” info, including special needs, likes and dislikes, etc.- reporting incidents, accidents, and illness- shopping with individuals and assisting in managing individuals’ funds safely and securely- professionalism in dealing with group home neighbors and related issues- house maintenance procedures and related reporting procedures- effective communication with family members- specialized documentation requirements.

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