Success Stories

Keith H - Success Story

Keith H.

Initially quite introverted, Keith joined our program in 2011 and made enormous progress since then in overcoming his own social anxieties and integrating more openly and frequently with his peers. Keith’s many friends now perceive Keith as a friendly, approachable, and kind person with whom they can confide and enjoy activities in the community. Keith […]

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Nicholas F - Success Story

Nicholas F.

Nicholas joined our program in 2012 after some difficulty acclimating at another agency. For the first couple of years in our program, he spent the majority of his free time alone in his room, mostly playing video games. However, in recent years, Nicholas has put aside his shyness, and has become a true friend to

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Matthew S - Success Story

Matthew S.

Matthew came to Texas HCS from another provider in 2009 and was very expressive about not being happy there. Matthew was astonished to find out that, with Texas HCS, he would have his own bedroom. When he first arrived, Matthew was aware he was having some difficulties. He lacked the skillset needed to correct some of his

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